Thursday, February 9, 2012

Twitter, as addictive as cigarettes

Some people can not fail to see social networks or e-mail.

     Check messages from Twitter or Facebook and respond to an e-mail could cause more addictive than alcohol or snuff. According to a group of U.S. experts, is more difficult to resist seeing updates to these pages to say no to a drink or a cigarette. So say in a paper to be published in the journal Psychological Science.

    Thanks to new technologies (mobile phones, tablets ...), it's easy to connect at any time in social networks and email. Moreover, since actions are not considereddangerous or even carry a high cost (not multiplied by the number of times theresponse or request), no one feels the need to repress his curiosity to see what new messages you have received.

Social Network - Copertina
Social Network - Copertina (Photo credit: marcomassarotto)
  Yes, enter the Facebook profile to see if anyone has commented on a state or check the Twitter mentions or 'tweets' followers, become so common daily activities such as sleeping or eating. Thus, some of these users have addiction to social networks,even greater than that could cause the snuff or alcohol, according to a study at the School of Business at the University of Chicago (USA) and which include some British newspapers as 'The Guardian' and 'The Telegraph'.

   The authors of that study conducted 205 surveys of day desires of users (between 18and 85 years) and concluded that sleep and sex are the two strongest desires.However, access to social networks is positioned as the desire to resist harder and easier to satisfy. Alcohol and snuff were at lower levels, although addictive.

     It is so easy to 'keep an eyeto the email or Facebook via mobile which is notsurprising that sometimes people are more attentive to their digital relationship to the conversation at that point is supposed to be having with other people physically . How to control these situations? According to Wilhelm Hofmann, lead author of the study,"the only way is to resist temptation. This strengthens the willpower and every day areless willing tofall into temptation. '"

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