Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Objective Zero

By 2015 the target is to eliminate new HIV infections in children

     There is reason for optimism because as recognized by the UN Secretary GeneralBan Ki-Moon, "we can visualize for the first time the idea of a world with zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths." But there are signsthat invite you to be more pessimistic. For example, the drastic cut in funds that are experiencing the fight against disease and that can make this an idyllic vision ofAIDS-free generation away again.

     Indeed, the theme chosen this year by the World AIDS Campaign to mark the WorldDay of this disease is 'Achieving zero'. The target date for reaching that number is about 2015. But, as indicated by the organizers of the campaign, "this will not happenand millions of people die needlessly unless governments do what they do and are committed to the cause, politically and economically."

The latest UNAIDS report stressed that scientific research and prevention programs have many more fruit this year than ever. But the specter of the crisis is always there, threatening progress.

     Allyson Leacock, head of the Global Campaign, warning of the situation. "Just whenwe should increase our efforts to achieve universal access to treatment, results that we are giving back on the AIDS response at a critical time of the epidemic." Her comment refers to the difficult situation that crosses the Global Fund..

     Instead of heeding the evidence shows that life-saving antiretroviral treatment and preventive measures to prevent new infections and many donors have chosen to turn its back on millions of HIV infections in the poorest countries, criticizes Peter Prove,Executive Director of the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance.

  The AIDS epidemic is far from complete, but with sustained commitment, with an effort to get drugs with a long-term political leadership is possible to imagine an AIDS-free generation. Therefore, the campaign aims to remind that "the objective  of zero is more than a slogan." -->

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