Friday, December 9, 2011

Men think about sex 19 times a day

         It's an urban legend: the men think about sex every seven seconds. If so, accumulatemore than 8,000 'dreams' of this type in just 16 hours. According to a study conducted at Ohio State University (USA), these matters take their head about 19 times a   day and women about 10.   

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         In case anyone still doubted, it is clear that they think more about sex, but not the only issue that spend more time. Also remember more than other physical needs like eating and sleeping. Men think about food 18 times a day (including 15) and about 11 at the break (them, eight).

The psychologist Terri Fisher and his team analyzed the thoughts of a group of students (between 18 and 25 years). On the one hand, men (163) and the otherwomen (120), received a sort of meter to be pressed every time you think one of thethree issues that had been assigned sex (fantasies, erotic images, memories, etc.), food (hunger, thirst, snacking, cooking ...) or rest (sleep, nap, go to bed to sleep ...).They stayed a week.

          These results, together with psychological questionnaires (behaviors, levels of desire, opinion about sex, habits, ...), guidance led researchers to conclude that "between men and women not only is no difference when thinking about sexuality, also in food or sleep. This is reflected in the study to be published in January in the Journal of Sex Research.
 The difference is especially significant

     Although, as highlighted by the main author of the study, the difference is not particularly significant. In fact, these data somehow demystify the fact that being maleis much more to think about sex. "It depends on other biological questions."

     "Thought and sex drive depends on the biology curriculum in a psychological staff ofwhat happened and how it has been raised and all sexuation process (involvingbiological, cultural and educational). In this regard each person is unique and unrepeatable, so it is difficult to generalize and separate men and women, blond,brown, etc... "

      However, "are also essential kisses, caresses, hugs, the need to feel loved, skin contact with skin ...". Including all these things, surely "the difference is much less sexual thoughts among men and women." If, in general, is somewhat higher in them,is "simple and merely by hormonal issues.

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