Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Warned to stop donating sperm or face prison

  • An American engineer offers his sperm for free online
  • The FDA has warned that it cannot continue this practice  
The 'solidary adventure' of Trent Arsenault, 36 year old Californian engineer, may be about to be truncated. After five years online donating sperm to couples unable to have children, the FDA (the agency that regulates drugs and medical devices in the U.S.) has warned that it can not continue with this activity. To continue with it, could face a fine of $ 100,000 (about 77,000 euros) and one year in prison.
Since 2006 to respond to the wishes of parenting that a couple said in a local newspaper announced, Arsenault was the father of 14 children and many others that are on their way.
Just last month left three other women pregnantIt seems that the origin of thisendless paternity has a base 'solidaryas according to the engineer of Hewlett-Packard this type of donation should be no cost for couples who want children, just as with the current system assisted reproduction clinics.

Another of the reasons that, as he admits, he has led the online sales system is not anonymous is a commitment, as in sperm banks, allowing you to have one day a relationship with their children, has acknowledged in an interview published in theSan Francisco Chronicle. However, Arsenault have released some loaded with the result that would give his sperm as it manifests a contract signing for prospective parents who contact him through his website where, among other things, includingyour height , blood type, diet, medical history and pictures of when I was little.

The couples' contact me because my sperm is fresh, not frozen, "said the newspaperSilicon Valley Mercury News. "I'm helping people in need. I'm not doing thisbusiness," said a Huffington Post.

However, last November, the FDA, who has been watching him for a little over a year, told her that "this must stop production" has generated 328 donations to 46 different women, as it now includes CBS News. The agency has pointed out that his spermhas not passed any test that meets state standards, to find that is free of communicable diseases.

An inspection Arsenault's house in August and September last year found, among other health disorders that did not take any legally required precautions to prevent the spread of disease or provide the necessary documentation on it.

Arsenault explained last October at The Daily Beast that the local police gave him aletter informing him that, to maintain their activity of "obtaining, processing, storage, labeling, packaging or distribution" of sperm, could face to a fine of up to $ 100,000and one year in prison. Something that seems to scare the engineer who put the letter acknowledged that "in case one day I decide auctioned on eBay."

This 'solidary donor' is not the only one to offer his semen free as there is a privatedonor registry sperm come into contact with women without contacting donors tosperm banks. "If it is legal to go to a bar, get drunk and sleep with a stranger you meet at random, then it may not be illegal to offer in a clean and healthy sperm in a glass," said Beth Gardner, one of the founders of this record, The Daily Beast.

However, the FDA and experts warn of the risks involved in this practice because thesperm donor does not go through any medical control, as occurs in sperm bankingand assisted reproduction clinics.


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  2. I just dont know but for me donating your sperm is not a good idea since you will have like many children and you wouldn't know someday they will fall in each others arms without knowing they are siblings.I just dont get it.