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A dog for for pregnant women

Belly of a woman in her 34th week of pregnancy.
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  • Having pet helps to implement the recommendations of daily exercise

    Pregnant women who have dog exercise more. According to a study published in the journal PLoS One ', meet the 30 minutes recommended by 50% more than women who do not have pets. Given the benefits of this practice on health, the researcherspropose to include this kind of tour company as a strategy to improve the habits of pregnant women.

    As the paper's authors argue, from the University of Liverpool (United Kingdom),numerous studies show that "obesity or a significant increase in weight duringpregnancy can affect both mother and baby. For example, it could cause difficulties in birth or have implications for the future development of child obesity. "

    According to Jackie Calleja, University Hospital gynecologist Chiron Madrid, we know that "sedentary activity with an unbalanced diet and overweight are risk factorsfor developing diseases that appear in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, fatigue ... ".

     For these reasons, experts underline the British study, doctors are constantly monitoring the weight and daily exercise are advised. The Spanish gynecologistgives some clues: "It is exercise, not sport, aerobic 30 to 40 minutes three or four days a week. Yoga, pilates, jogging, swimming for pregnant women, biking, walking.What matters is that the pregnant is active and moving at a normal rate, a medium intensity. for example, in half an hour walk a mile. "

     Normally, pregnant women choose to walk, said Carri Westgarth, one of the authors of the research. "Although we had shown that having a dog increases physical activity in adults in general, this is the first study to assess this relationship in pregnant women," he adds.

    And the answer is yes. After analyzing more than 11,000 pregnant women, "observed to have one or more dogs helps them achieve the recommended 150 minutes ofexercise a week." The results show that having a pet is a motivation and "undertakes to maintain daily physical activity" because it involves a commitment to animal care.However, the researchers say, can not be said that the company of a dog isassociated with less weight during pregnancy. What I can say is that it helps promote the exercise at this stage, so it would "consider how it can be included as health strategy and analyze what are the most appropriate," among other factors.

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