Monday, December 12, 2011

First European guidelines to prevent drug

The document sets out guidelines for improving
 anti-drug strategies

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA, for short) has launched the first European guide outlines the best practices for preventing drug addiction, a document aimed at all professionals involved in the fight against drugs,which goal is to explain how to design, improve or evaluate strategies to prevent this consumption.

The lawsuit, filed in the last international conference organized by the Centre inLisbon, entitled 'European quality standards for drug prevention: a handbook for  professional prevention'
In its pages shows standards aimed at facilitating the work of professionals who contribute to the prevention of drug addiction, from psychologists or social workers to teachers, politicians or police.

    It also explains how to plan, develop and evaluate prevention programs, how to trainprofessionals and how to evaluate prevention services already provided.

        Includes examples with real scenarios and tips for implementing these standards, which are complemented by a website with additional tools.
According to the director of the Observatory, Wolfgang Götz, "This new handbook summarizes current evidence on how to develop a good drug prevention in the EU.

"The goal of quality standards is to standardize prevention practices across Europe,but similar levels of high quality, and recognize the diversity of practices" he says.

"Implementing preventive measures correctly, with elements based on the evidence, will help ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of investments and avoid the harmful effects," he concludes.

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